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Where can I find a Global Net ATM?

Global Net is everywhere you need it. We have hundreds of ATMs in strategic locations such as supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, shopping malls and many more places to help you carry out all your transactions safely and conveniently. To find the Global Net ATM nearest you, please use the ATM Locator in our homepage.

How do I know if Global Net accepts my card?

Global Net accepts all standard cards. Look for the signs on the ATM and make sure they match the signs on your card.

What do I need to use Global Net ATMs?

You can use the Global Net ATMs if you have a debit or credit card linked to a savings or checking account from any Peruvian or foreign financial organization, or a card from any of our partner card companies. You also need a Personal Identification Number linked to the card. With these two simple things, Global Net will let you access a whole range of fast and convenient electronic bank services.All you need to do is insert your card, enter your PIN and follow the instructions flashing on the ATM screen. They will guide you step by step, safely and easily through all your transactions.

What happens if I enter a wrong ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

If you have trouble remembering your PIN, DO NOT try to guess it. For your own safety, if you try three wrong PINs in a day, the ATM may retain your card.

What happens if I forget my card in the ATM?

When you finish your transaction, the ATM will eject your card. If you don't retrieve it, an alarm will go off. For safety reasons, if you still fail to get your card within 30 seconds, the ATM will keep the card.

Who do I contact in case of trouble with a Global Net ATM?

If the ATM is near one of our bank offices, contact our bank agents there. They will be happy to help you. You can also reach us 24/7 by phone at 311-9000, or send your questions and complaints to globalnet@intercorp.com.pe

How much cash can I get from Global Net?

It depends on your bank institution security policies. Please contact your bank for more information.

What should I do if my card is lost, stolen or kept by the ATM?

If your debit or credit card is lost, stolen or kept by an ATM, report the event immediately to the card issuer. To report missing Interbank cards, visit one of our offices or call Telephone Banking at 311 9000

What should I do if the ATM's amounts do not match my bank account balances?

Contact your bank to clear your doubts. Sometimes ATM balances shown online don't match bank balances when using cards from other banks.

Which transactions are available at Global Net ATMs?

With an Interbank card you can:

- Withdraw cash
- Charge utility bills to your account
- Check your account balances, recent transactions, exchange rates, etc.
- Wire money
- Pay your credit card bills and a lot more

Cards from other banks allow you to withdraw cash. Some cards also allow you to check your transactions and account balances, and change your Personal Identification Number.

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